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Wondered how to add funds to your

droidunlocking account  using mobile money 


     Log in


       Navigate to Add funds 

-> step3

      Choose among payment methods

       select mobilemoney/Visa card

-> step4 

      Add amount of funds 


     press pay now button

=> a push notification will be sent to

your device and you will be prompted

to add your pin for verification

as soon as the our system detects

the payment it will be automatically added to your account and invoice generated will be no a paid invoice

NB:For customers From Rwanda,

Ghana,Kenya first contact

us before proceeding 

NB :In-case of delay of funds or

unautomated invoice payment

You can always contact us or submit a ticket on your account

kindly review the video below in-case your stuck


so we are getting straight to the point 

What Is  a server service:

             -Breaking it down its a server - service

Server :

            -This could be a program that provides functionality

How is it applied here:

             -Very many devices world wide are bought from different types of countries and shipped or given away or even sold away to different parts of the country on many international and local platforms be it Amazon E-bay Alibaba Name it ););

who knows you your self reading this might be having a phone given to you ANYWAY we wont get to that 


 So what happens to the Gadget:

               - In case it has an issue You know these are electronics and to make matters worse these are pieces of hardware that are controlled by instructions written by programmers

So normally there are a number of cases involved either take it back to the store you could have bought it from for servicing or take it back to the authorised service center for a diagnosis or even a repair

So what if these are not in place :

A number of programmers and android  enthusiasts sat down and looked at possible problems that may arise and wrote down solutions to it in  a way of customised softwares built to solve these issues

so very  many android and ios developers among others sat down and made a number of softwares a few of who are listed below:

7ICE Team
Avengers Box
 BST Dongle
 Chimera Tool
 Easy 56 Adapter
 DC Unlocker
Eagle Eye
Easy-Firmware Dongle
 EFT Dongle
Falcon Box
GCPro Key
 GRT Dongle
GSMServer Products
 HUA Team Products
 Martech Products
MFC Team Products
 Micro-Box Team Products  
Miracle Box
 Miracle FRP Dongle
NCK Team products
 NTool by Setool Team
 MRT - Mobile repair tool
Ultimate Multi Tool Box
 Uni-Android Tool - UAT
Volcano Box
 Z3X-Team Products

the list is endless and more are coming up you your self can come up with your own

So what is a box:

               -Box is a piece of hard ware that contains specific components that aid the Gadget servicing procedures

so these tools are uniquely identified using various methods and given serial Numbers and Unique identifiers

however others use methods like PC Fingerprints,Username and password, System on chip identifiers, so these unique numbers hold the information for activations credits history logs whatsoever You will Be Kindly requested To prevail these unique identifiers to complete server services.


So what happens is these teams have employees have product supporters have help desks have developers

so they come up with solutions and sell there tools online and technicians buy them so these are the tools that program flash unlock upgrade your devices.

so what happens is these teams have to pay off employees incur costs in production and invest in research and development .

so these teams ofcourse would need funds to keep their projects alive

so they come up with things like:

- one year support

- Unlock credits


so these are the components mainly sold in server services

you might want to check out a few 

server services

remember the more items you purchase the more life given to the supporters and teams that make phone servicing a doable act otherwise :):) who knows we could fly to other destinations to service gadgets IMAGINE

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